About me

I am 70% Argentinean/30% British. I am a lawyer and many other things, among which I would like to say I am a writer, albeit a very bad one!

I’m spiritual and spirited and writing is one of the things I need to do every day to stay sane and happy.

My writing interests: although Spanish is my first language, the majority of the material I write is in English.  I like fiction mainly, though I do write essays as well. I wrote a novel (as part of Nanowrimo) which is VERY POOR; it lays neglected in a hard disk somewhere (though I hope I’ll be able to revisit it one day in the very distant future). I mainly write random thoughts, short stories and plays. In terms of topics/genre, I write about anything that interests me and I like exploring genres (though most of my stories tend to deal with every day things and worries). Favourite authors/playwrights that come to mind are: Milan Kundera, Alice Munro, Herman Hesse, Tom Stoppard, Fiedor Dostoyevsky, GG Garcia Marques, Amy Tan, Arthur Miller and Jorge Luis Borges.


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